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i like my big clutch bags. And they are ruff. Nice to hit the roen, and have some fun in:)

I have been smoke free for moore than 6 month. And i am happy to tell u its going greate! I will continue to be so and i am so much moore happy and fresh! I dont smell like a ashtray!

Here u have a taste of whats on the menu and whats been on the menu! Salmon, beef tartar, mousse , littel duck...

the mosaikk i will have in the bathroom in the new appartement ! i love it! and i will also have the grey tiles on the floor and one wall . The three wall s left will be in white tiles. It willl be so nice .

Nice dress i like this one. just have to put it up a littel. The dress is Michael Kors buy the way!

what the fuck is wronge with people.The smart in the pictures is outside but the fucking other car is pissing me off . How do people parc like this!!! When he moves he will destroy our car and thats shit!! hate french people!!!! The smart in the pictures...

just saying!! We are the world .. no we are not but we are a tiny bit arrogant! At least i know i can be! ;)

If u havent been here go here! The city Bergen in Norway. Its sow beautiful and i miss it. And i miss my family and friends that lives there too..:( peace out:)!